Jordan, K: Exploring the ResearchGate score as an academic metric: Reflections and implications for practice

In response to: Kraker, P. & Lex, E.: A Critical Look at the ResearchGate Score as a Measure of Scientific Reputation

Abstract: This paper presents a response to the paper ‘A critical look at the ResearchGate score as a measure of scientific reputation’ [1]. Following up on arguments presented by the authors, which argue that the ResearchGate score is irreproducible and dependent upon Journal Impact Factors, a small-scale exploratory analysis of ResearchGate scores was undertaken to examine correlations between ResearchGate score and profile metrics. The importance of the Journal Impact Factor in determining ResearchGate score is confirmed, and insights gained into the relationship. A model which significantly predicts ResearchGate score is described. The findings are discussed in terms of the three arguments outlined in the original paper, and in relation to academic practice.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

File: ASCW15_jordan_response_kraker-lex.pdf

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